About Us!

Nick Aliberti first visited Baja California as a teenager in the 1960's. 

Just a short drive across the border made such a difference in population and culture that he would frequently return for fun and adventure. 

Surfing, sailing, hiking, free diving, biking, rock climbing, and any other activity that incorporates fun and physical activity keeps Nick returning to Baja to this day.  Recently, Nick and his wife, Tejé, sailed their boat down the coast of Baja and back to the USA.  This inspired the nautical landmarks and recommended anchorages on the map.

Always a traveler, Nick spent 15 years on the road.  He traveled around the world during a time that US travelers could go to Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.  Writing guidebooks and drawing maps, he supported his lifestyle by helping others find their way.  He once made maps of all of the ski areas in Colorado and is the author and publisher of “A Ski Bum's Guide to Colorado”.  Maps of resort towns, State Maps, Real Estate Maps, Local Guidebooks, and maps to famous restaurants are what make up his current line of work.

Today, computer software and high quality printing presses have made map making accurate and more detailed.  Nick is pleased to offer the best map available of Baja ever created!